Free WiFi in Scandinavia & Russia

Do you love to feel connected and organised on your holiday? Have you heard about free WiFi in Scandinavia and Russia...

Whilst on holiday, there is nothing like the ease of checking online for the best restaurants recommended in your location, checking your itinerary & theatre tickets or finding out what is happening on the other side of the world. Of course, you can turn it all off and take a break but it is certainly good to know that you have easy access to the internet when needed.

Did you know that nearly all our Scandinavian and Russian hotels have free WiFi included? Other than the more out of the way smaller chalets and guesthouses, all our principal hotels have free WiFi as a matter of course - although you'll usually have to ask for the password or register to use it. Not only that, most trains have free WiFi, airports have it and cafes, restaurants and tourist offices;, the list goes on. Generally in hotels, the internet is also fast and reliable! Most of Norway's airports offer free wi-fi; the standard service can be slow, but there's sometimes an option to pay for faster access. There are lots of new options for getting free WiFi hotspots in Scandinavia - such as apps such as Wiman ( and other similar services.