Land of the midnight sun

See the warm and magical light of the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle, it makes it possible to go sailing, cruising or hiking no matter how late or early it is.

The Land of the Midnight sun can be experienced north of the Arctic Circle for a period lasting from a single day to five months depending on how far north you travel. The warm and magical light of the midnight sun, north of the Arctic Circle, makes it possible to go sailing, dining or hiking no matter how late or early it is. Local children play until the wee hours; adults savour the evenings on their comfortable patios or by the sea.

The Northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Greenland enjoy the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun - 24 hours of daylight.

Norway Tours with Midnight Sun:

Traditionally known as the 'Land of the Midnight Sun', Norway has plenty to offer travellers looking to enjoy the never-ending summer sunshine.

Standing on the North Cape or on the balcony of a Hurtigruten voyage as the Midnight Sun skirts the horizon and then heads back up again is unforgettable. For this reason, the Norwegian Coastal Voyages during the Midnight Sun season are very popular.

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Greenland Tours with Midnight Sun:

Midnight sun in Greenland is practically a state of mind, and the traditional concept of time loses all meaning. You may as well leave your watch in your suitcase, because the day has neither a beginning nor an end. Our summer tours from the end of May until the end of July in Greenland offer long and full days of whale and iceberg watching. Experience a helicopter flight to the Eqi Glacier, a great place for hiking, nature and seeing massive icebergs.

Iceland Tours with Midnight Sun:

Iceland is another country that enjoys 24 hours of Midnight Sun and this special light makes for great photos. Enjoy the lagoons, wildflowers, waterfalls and mountains under the crimson light of midnight on all of our summer tours.

A word of warning though: it can be hard to sleep when it is light all the time! Curtains have never been so important, particularly if you are travelling with children. Bring eye masks!!

Don't bother complaining to the locals about not being able to sleep - they relish these long light nights and don't seem to notice it, hence, the somewhat flimsy curtains that you might find on your travels.

In the Land of the Midnight Sun, expect the late evening and early morning to be filled with the soft, warm rays from the low-lying sun making the surrounding scenery appear almost dreamlike; everything bathed in a surrealistic palette of pink, purple, yellow and red hues. Perfect for photographers and romantics alike.

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Image Credits: Visit Greenland, Visit Finland and Hurtigruten.