My Copenhagen: A local's hotel and food suggestions

Alice is certainly happy to wander the streets of Copenhagen, touring the foodie spots and savouring her favourite locations.

After a long flight, I had finally arrived into Copenhagen and it was time to start my great adventure. The time was 6am and I made my way to the city, this time via metro as first stop this morning was Hotel Kong Arthur, which is only a leisurely stroll from Nørreport station.

Hotel Kong Arthur is located by the lakes and today was the first day of sunshine after many rainy days, so I was very lucky to enjoy the scenery on my way.

I started out with a lovely breakfast, which at Kong Arthur consists of only sustainable and local (where possible) products. A lovely spread with all the trimmings, which belong at a Danish breakfast table. Ohh how I had missed Danish rye bread with cheese, kind of like the relationship between Aussies and Vegemite!

Hotel Kong Arthur consists of 4 buildings, which are also connected to their three restaurants and Hotel Ibsen. The hotel has a very rustic theme to it and their love for local Danish design and art is displayed in their decor. Even their keys have a leather attachment, which has been created by a local artisan, certainly a unique feel that is hard to find elsewhere.Nimat Spa in Copenhagen

Their spa, Nimat has been voted one of the best in Copenhagen for the last 2 years and have been nominated again this year. There is also a whole floor dedicated to guests who have booked a spa stay - a nice relaxing ambience with music and lovely smells which permeates the entire building.

Every night at 5 - 6 pm they host a cosy hour for all their guests, what better way to unwind after a day of sightseeing and shopping. They have a lovely lobby with a fireplace and if weather permits they may also hold it in their open courtyard.

After a great start to the morning, it was time to get re-acquainted with the great city of Copenhagen.

I took a stroll from Nyhavn via Strøget and it was hard to resist all the temptation I was met with from international to local designer shops, cafes, bakeries, lolly shops and much more. I could not go past Danish berries and fresh green peas - we, Danes, eat these by the bucket load in the summer months.

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Danish fresh peas - Yummm

There is a lot of building and renovation going on in central Copenhagen due to the new metro and upgrades. Luckily this does not interrupt the landscape too much, but it is noticeable. Nyhavn was buzzing as always and so was the main street, Strøget.

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My atypical hot dog encounter at Foderbrættet

It was now nearly lunchtime and I was on the hunt for a Danish open sandwich. This did work in my favour as by this time I had already passed some of the hot spots for Smørrebrød AS we call it and I was on the doorstep of Tivoli gardens. So I walked towards the hip area of Vesterbro to see what I could find. I stumbled across Foderbrættet which serve gourmet hotdogs and cocktails and I was . You had the choice of pork, lamb and beef sausages with unique flavours and modern toppings, very different from the standard hot dog that we know and can purchase from the million of hot dog stands around Copenhagen. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this very untraditional hot dog experience which consisted of a beef sausage with onion, coriander and garlic with a smoked cheese, house made dressing, almond and chive topping with a beetroot, pomegranate and pine nut salad.

It was now time to make my way towards Kokkedal slot, where I had the pleasure of spending my first night in Copenhagen.

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Yes, there was no doubt of where I was.