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City lovers - combine Copenhagen Cooking Week and Helsinki Design Week.

City lovers - combine Copenhagen Cooking Week and Helsinki Design Week

The annual Helsinki Design Week, northern Europe’s biggest such event, features workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows. Visitors can also gain access to private creative studios and offices not normally open to the public through the series of Open Studios events. There is also a Children's Design Week. Scandinavian Capitals - by rail & ferry – an independent 14-day tour, offers you the chance to combine the Design week with Copenhagen Cooking week plus food tours of Stockholm, Oslo and Tallinn.

Cooking in CPH offers more than 50 one of a kind culinary events throughout the streets of Copenhagen. As a guest you will find a number of different food experiences made in collaboration with restaurants, craftsmen and food communities of Copenhagen. Whether you would like to indulge in fine dining and gastronomy or enjoy a glass of wine along with 1500 festive guests at Frederiksberg Harvest Fest Cooking in CPH has something to satisfy your taste.

For 2019, the Copenhagen Cooking week includes AT HOME WITH! Where they have asked the greatest food people of Denmark to make a home dining experience for a smaller group of guests. It can be breakfast in the back yard, a seven course menu for a full evening of fun or afternoon tea and cake in the allotment garden. You just have to decide who you would like to visit.

There is also a new event where they have found extraordinary hideouts on the Copenhagen treasure map - with food in mind of course. Eat beneath the ground, at the rooftop, in the middle of the canal, at the airport hangar or inside the metro. Copenhagen is one the most beautiful cities and they want to show and celebrate the love for it during the festival. The experience has to be out of the ordinary and add a little extra spice to everyday life.

Cooking Week

Cooking Week

Copenhagen Cooking Week

Copenhagen Cooking Week. Image Credits: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen