Northern Lights in Finland

The Many Firsts of Nordic Winter Journey - What would you do if you had a day to relax in the midst of the winter in Lapland, Finland?

What would you do if you had a day to relax in the midst of the winter in Lapland, Finland? Go for souvenir shopping and enjoy a good book with cup of steaming hot tea? Try cross-country skiing for the first time in your life before boosting the adrenaline levels in an ice karting race? Enjoy the soft heat of a riverside sauna and right after, plunge into a freezing cold opening in the ice for a traditional Finnish winter swim? Or just lay back in a hot outdoor Jacuzzi with your beanie on and relish the wintery scenery around you?

It appears that our Nordic small group winter journey participants did all of this!Skiing in FinlandKarting riding in Finland

After two activity packed days of reindeer sledding, local culture and long snowmobile ride here at Harriniva hotels in Muonio, Finland, we have come to the point that it is almost time to say good-bye to Finland. It has been busy days, and today was a good time to either slow down a little before we start exploring northern Norway, or as many did, add few more “first time in my life!” activities in the list that just keeps growing on this arctic adventure.

Although tomorrow promises to be a drive with stunning scenery as we move even further into the arctic, tonight is the night that many are planning to stay up sky-gazing in the hope of northern lights. The Aurora activity has been going strong all week, but clouds have been playing games with us only revealing a few beautiful moments of the dancing lights every now and then.

That said it is time to put the warm layers on again and head into the night, wish us luck!

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