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Our new 'Beautiful Norway' tour - our independent and flexible touring option

This summer, we bring you a brand new concept for touring Norway. Share a private 50 Degrees North minibus in the fjord region and enjoy greater flexibility in the route and the manner of travel.

Our brand new Beautiful Norway tour: Unique and absolutely irresistible!

It is with considerable excitement that Scandinavian tour operator 50 Degrees North has now announced our new 8-day Beautiful Norway tour – a journey into breathtakingly stunning Norway that has our office already buzzing with delight and anticipation to spread the word. For this is no ordinary ‘Norway in a Nutshell® experience, full of crowds and the expected stops. It is similar in its scope and yet, so much more. So, what is it that makes our tour so unique and irresistible?


Escaping the crowds

A key difference in our tour is its main mode of travel: a private 50 Degrees North minibus or similar which has space for 10-12 people, but will operate even with only 1-2 travellers on board. This allows much more flexibility in the route and the manner of travel. Instead of being cramped up in a confined space from point A to B, you are travelling in comfort, you can stop for unexpected photo sessions and food breaks, and journey in a part of Norway that is not easy to reach without your own car.

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Let your bus driver do the work with this drive...

Travelling off the beaten track

Beyond greater comfort and flexibility, the Beautiful Norway minibus also takes you off the beaten track: The bus travels through the Jotunheimen National Park, a largely undisturbed mountain area in the east, past Norway’s highest peak, Galdhøpiggen. The journey then continues along the stunning mountain pass routes of Sognefjellsveien and Aurlandsfjellet. These are spectacular areas away from summer crowds, combining high mountains and rugged terrain with the inner reaches of the captivating Sognefjord. As a cherry on top, the tour also includes a side trip to Geiranger (available late May - Sept), visiting a remarkable medieval Stave Church full of wood, dragons, and beauty.


Contributing to more modest local economies

Our Beautiful Norway tour has also been motivated by a desire to distribute wealth more evenly by introducing travellers to areas, hotels, and service providers outside of the traditional and extremely busy ‘Norway in a Nutshell” ® route. The scenery is equally magnificent and the experience all the more authentic for it. What are you waiting for?

The trip runs weekly from May to September with fixed departures from Lillehammer every Monday. The trip can also run in reverse starting from Aurland every Thursday between 17 May 2018 to 27 Sep 2018.

The full details of the 8-day independent tour can be found here:


Image credits: Seth Kane, Frantisek Duris, Matt Lamers & Philipp Lublasser.