Nuuk – the capital of Greenland

Alice gives her low down on Greenland's capital, Nuuk.

Visiting Nuuk on a Hurtigruten Voyage, Greenland Glaciers and Ice

Nuuk Gallery

Nuuk was the first town to be founded by Hans Egede in 1728 and it is also the largest city in Greenland.

We spent the morning attending lectures on Greenland and the challenges of climate changes. We arrived into Nuuk in the afternoon and I had a Cultural Historical Walk booked for the day.

The walk was very informative with visits to some of Nuuk’s must-sees such as the Katuaq - cultural venue and the colonial harbour with Hans Egede's old house and statue. We ended the tour at the National Museum that houses the famous Qilakitsoq mummies, which date back to the 1400s.

We then had just enough time to check out the newest shopping mall in Nuuk, which is located next to the cultural center. We, of course, also had a stroll to the other shops in the town. Nuuk Shopping Centre

You can buy nearly all the groceries you need in the supermarket nowadays, but in Nuuk you can still find the traditional fish market in the city center. Here you can get fresh Arctic produce such as whale and seal meat.

You can find shops, restaurants and all the conveniences of a modern city. I was surprised at how cosmopolitan Nuuk actually is!

Dog parking in Nuuk, GreenlandNuuk ChurchChilli Bar Nuuk

Image credit on main page: David Trood, Visit Greenland