Scandinavian and Russian restaurant recommendations

Dining well on tour is what makes a good trip an exceptional one.

At 50 Degrees North, we love our food and are exceptionally proud to introduce our regional food to you. Scandinavian, Icelandic and Finnish food has been a 'hot item' for several years - Denmark's NOMA and the Nordic Manifesto bringing its excellence to the forefront. Creative festivals such as the Danish 'Oyster Shucking and Champagne Sabering' as well as the prominent Nordic capital food events crowd the calendar.

Our guests have loved Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg and Moscow - both cities catering well for touristy 'foodie' highlights. Wrap yourself up in blankets and sip cocktails in the sky bar, O2 that overlooks the Kremlin and Red Square. Estonia's Tallinn offers quirky options and new interpretations of rustic food - Manna La Rossa being a recent favourite.

It is hard to keep up with the entire new 'goings on' in our region so we have put them all together on our pinterest page. Updated almost daily, dream well with the Restaurants to visit board.