Travelling within your budget on Norway tours

Picnicking is enjoyed during Norwegian summers as a way to travel within your budget.

Here are three quick and easy ways to budget during your Norway holiday.

Picnic Lunches in Norway

On a recent trip in Norway, we noticed the variety and popularity of picnicking in Norway. Beside the river in the lovely fjord town of Flåm, there were many travellers eating alfresco. Norwegian supermarkets offer many picnic items: fresh premade salads, endless varieties of cold meat and fresh fruit platters.  We suggest even bringing an esky-bag with a small chopping board and cutlery with you on your travels. It is not unusual to take a boiled egg, fruit and such from the breakfast buffet if it is done discretely. If you are hiking in Norway, a thermos is also recommended so you can take hot drinks with you from the breakfast buffet.

Here is a photo sample of what is on offer at supermarkets in Norway which will also give you a good idea of the price of items on sale. Note: basic necessity items such as bread and milk are noticeably cheap in Norway as they pay little tax on these items compared to alcohol & other luxury goods.

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Generally, the bread for sale in Norwegian supermarkets is very wholesome and fresh. Don't be surprised to find a machine to slice it yourself. The staff at the supermarkets will help you do it the first time.

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We enjoy the potato and beetroot salads. AND NEVER go past fresh Norwegian strawberries if they are in season!!!

Buy food locally and self cater dinners

Having the opportunity to cook for yourself, at least for parts of your trip, will work wonders on your budget. When you are staying in a self-catering apartment, be sure to drop by a farm sale or delicatessen, or simply a regular grocery shop and stock up. We have a handy guide to self-catering in Norway which we can send to you before you travel. Please ask us if this interests you (local Norwegian recipes included!). Buy locally - cheeses, rich butter, meat toppings, sausages, and freshly baked bread are lovely in Norway. In Oslo, you can get trendy street food at an affordable price at Vippa or Oslo Street Food in Torggata.

Save on drinks

A proper water bottle that keeps its contents cold is a good investment, and you can fill it with crystal clear, free water straight from the tap. At breakfast, there will be a wide range of juices to try as part of the buffet. And yes, we do love a pint in the sun, but not necessarily in the most expensive bar in town - check the menu price before you sit down and be sure to check when you are offered something if it comes at a cost. In most places in Norway, you can get beer from local manufacturers and microbreweries at farmers’ markets or in the grocery shop for a cheaper price. It is common to buy wine to drink on the lovely balconies or gardens along your route. You need to buy wine at a state run Vinmonopolet with limited opening hours and shops so plan ahead.

Enjoy your Norwegian tour!