Unusual places for a night of sleep in Denmark

Denmark is probably not the first country that comes to mind when you think of unusual places to sleep, but....

Denmark is probably not the first country that comes to mind when you think of unusual places to sleep, but lo and behold, Denmark does offer some very interesting and peculiar places to stay.

Copenhagen is not only home to great hotels such as Admiral, Nimb or D’angleterre – it is also home to what is known as the smallest hotel in world with only 1 room – Hotel Central in Copenhagen takes small luxury hotel to a whole level of its own. It sits in central Copenhagen above what should in my opinion also be known as the world’s tiniest coffee shop with only 5 seats.Central Hotel Copenhagen

Cafe @ Hotel Central, Copenhagen

Our Treasure’s of Denmark tour gives you a good insight to what living in Denmark is all about](/destinations/denmark) – on the last stop up in Northern Denmark you have the opportunity to sleep in a lighthouse, and this is not just any lighthouse. Hanstholm Lighthouse was built in 1843 and is located within Thy National Park offering you breathtaking views at 65 metres above sea level of the whole northern coast. For a period of time, it was the world´s most powerful lighthouse.

If you happen to be a Viking enthusiast and happen to have caught the interest of one of Denmark’s Viking Trail tour – then you should also know that you can actually stay overnight in the Iron Age Village in Roskilde, this also means living like they did back in the Iron age – so kiss your electronic gadgets goodbye and enjoy this memorable summer experience with your family.

It is not only in Finnish or Swedish Lapland where you can cuddle up in a Lavvu tent and wake up to the sounds of the wolves and polar bears. The Scandinavian Wildlife Park near my hometown Århus offers this amazing camping experience.

Scandinavian Wild life park

Denmark's Scandinavian Wildlife Park

The standout for me is the Giant Royal Beer Can you can sleep in, while Skanderborg Festival is taking place in the month of August, a yearly music festival since 1979. Usually people sleep in tents, but this is for the elite festivalgoer, who wants nothing but the best. You are provided with pillows and sheets for 2 people, however if you can fit a 3RD person they will not stop you. It also has a little lounge area on the bottom floor (that’s right – it has 2 floors) with light and electricity to charge your phone. We all know Danes love their beer just as Ozzies love their wine, and this experience only gets better as the minibar is stocked daily with Royal Unibrew beers and soft drinks.

Beer Can Hotel

Yes, it is a beer can hotel!