Visit Sisimiut, Greenland on Hurtigruten MS Fram

Alice enjoys a 'taste of Greenland' in Sisimiut - the adventure travel hub.

Day 9: : Visiting Sisimiut.

We left Nuuk last night and set sails towards Sisimiut. We arrived into Sisimiut around noon, but prior to our arrival we did have a very extraordinary visit from King Neptune, who baptized everyone crossing the Arctic Circle for the first time. The baptism took place with a generous drenching of ice-cold water followed by a shot of aquavit to warm up.Taste of Greenland

We were now at a special location, where the sun does not set in a certain period of time (summer)– the so-called “midnight sun”. The opposite phenomenon, Polar night, occurs in winter when the sun stays below the horizon throughout the day. The number of days per year with potential midnight sun increases the further towards either pole one travels.

I was very much looking forward to experiencing Sisimiut and I had also booked the “Taste of Greenland” tour.

We were advised to come hungry, as the organizers had prepared many yummy dishes for us to try. We were all so impressed when we walked in and saw what had been prepared and how it was presented. There were a variety of fish and seafood dishes including the Greenlandic specialty muhtuk – made from the skin and blubber of a whale and dried fish and whale meat. I was also happy to see that they also had reindeer and musk ox on the menu, and of course lamb for the less daring. My favorite was the musk ox – so yummy and tender.

I also sampled Greenlandic brewed beer from the Godthaab Bryghus. I chose Erik the Red – it went very well with all of the dishes.

I had ample time to walk around this gorgeous city and I even saw some of the huskies in different areas of the town.

Just before we left Sisimiut, we had a real treat when a local champion kayaker demonstrated his skills by performing many different kayak rolls. The kayak is thousands of years old and over that time the Inuit of Alaska, Canada and Greenland have perfected the art and science of kayaking.

Sisimiut Greenland with 50 Degrees North