Bakery Pekka Heikkinen

The bakery is one of the oldest businesses in Kajaani and the fourth generation works to maintain the tradition. They work by the teaching of their grandmother Saima Heikkinen “Hyvvää sen olla pittää!” which roughly translates to “It has to be good every time!”

Puu-uunileipä, ryebread baked in a wood heated oven, is the most popular souvenir from Kainuu. Bread culture in Kainuu is very strong and bread has always been the best gift to take to friends when travelling. The baking of Puu-uunileipä is the baker’s proof of professional skills and the pride of the bakery.

The Bakery is located in the center of Kajaani(Välikatu 7) and has its own bakery shop and a café. The bakery shop is open from Monday to Friday 7.00-17.30 and on Saturdays 7.00 – 15.00. Pop in and choose from a wide selection of local breads, sweet and savory pastries, cakes, chocolates and cookies.