Solsiden Restaurant

A seafood restaurant with a view -  This Oslo restaurant is located in the historic quay right below Akershus castle. A leading seafood restaurant, enjoy lobsters, oysters, salmon and other traditional Norwegian dishes as you watch the sunset.

Solsiden Restaurant only uses the best ingredients on offer, and besides a variety of different fish, the menu always includes "Plateau des Fruits de Mer". This specialty is consisting of oysters, clams, crabs, mussels, shrimp, crayfish (when they are available fresh), lobster and king crab. The dishes can be accompanied by one of the over 200 wines from the wine menu.

Drinks are served outside from 3 pm, and food is served inside and outside from 4.30 pm. The kitchen closes at 10 pm on Monday-Saturday and at 9 pm on Sunday.