Lake Mývatn

Natural pools & lava formations to explore or take a dip in the hot springs.

Mývatn is a shallow eutrophic (super rich in vitamins) lake situated in an area of active volcanism in the north of Iceland, not far from Akureyri. The lake and its surrounding wetlands have an exceptionally rich fauna of waterbirds, especially ducks. The lake was created by a large basaltic lava eruption 2300 years ago, and the surrounding landscape is dominated by volcanic landforms. These strange landforms have made this region popular for filming in recent years: notably the Game of Thrones TV series.

The main draw of Lake Mývatn is to simply drive around it, stopping along the way to enjoy a picnic lunch and for plentiful photo opportunities such as the lava formations at Dimmuborgir, Mt. Hverfjall, Krafla volcano and the geothermal area east of Námaskarður.

Note that the name of the lake translates as 'Midge Lake' - be sure to pack mosquito repellent in summer.

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